Product Information


ZCWO Premier Collection

Headsculpt: Raniman (IMINIME)
Sample Painting: Gugu Chris
Costume Design: ZCWORLD Tailor Team
Graphic Design: DoubleLine
Art Direction: DoubleLine

Product Specification:
1) Blackjack Headsculpt (OVA Version).
2) ZCWO Male Body, 5pcs of Hands .
3) Black Jacket and Black Slacks.
4) White Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Butterfly Tie (Metal Wire Inside).
5) Black Vest, Black Overcoat.
6) Black Shoes, Belt.
7) Black Briefcase.
8) Surgery Tools: Stethoscope, Syringes, knife, Scissors, Clamps, Medicine Holder x 3.
9) Red Wine, Glasses, Pipe.
10) Action Figure Stand w/h Blackjack Logo

© Tezuka Productions

Item No: ZC88
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